Different Type of Web Traffics & How to Increase It?

I get more request from my web users, regarding different type of traffic source and how to increase it & much more…..

There is many sources where the traffic will drive to your website, following are few major traffic sources…..

#1: Direct Traffic

#2: Search Traffic or Organic Traffic

#3: Referral Traffic

#4: Social Traffic

#5: Paid Traffic & Others

Web Traffic

By Google Analytics tracking tools we can see all the major traffic sources and we can take a look on all these traffic sources ….

What is Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is a simplest type of website traffic by whom the visitor/user come direct types our website url in their web browser to accesses our site instead of coming through other sources and sometimes the user revisit our site through a saved Cookies or by a saved bookmark.

Why Direct Traffic is Important?

Direct traffic is very important because it provide to brand reputation and customer loyalty. A good amount of direct traffic coming to your website means, it’s a good indicator that people are aware of your services, product and what your website offers.

How to Get Direct Traffic?

The main source of direct traffic will come from offline campaigns and promotional events on online and offline.

Different Types of Direct Traffic?

Based on visitors activities, there are different types of sources for direct traffic:

Returning Visitors:

The visitors who already visited your site get helped or get good services or product from you, then will come again to take what you offer by typing your Url or from bookmark sources, because they are already familiar with your website.

By Word-of-Mouth:

The direct traffic also come by the word of mouth of our previous visitors and well wishers who ever referring our website to others.

By Offline Campaigns:

Many visitors that find our website through offline promotion by events, marketing materials, newspapers, adv in TV channels & other media sources.

How to Increase Direct Traffic?

There are different ways to increase the direct traffic to the website. Following are few methods and requesting to the users also add your ideas by comments…..

Small Domain Name & Simplify URLs:

When booking the website address or the domain name for your business choose less character with simple and memorable name and keep your page URLs simple & short. This will lead to get more direct traffic to your website.

Brand Awareness or Online Reputation:

Through brand awareness our business or business website will get popularity in online. If we mentation good online reputation & trust they we can easily increase our direct traffic by the visitors that are already aware of your website. By more promotion of your brand, you can get more directly traffic to your website.

Returning Visitors to Our Site:

If we offer good services, products & web information our users will bounce back again and again when they need our service, product or what we offer. We need to create brand reputation, trust & good UI experience in our site to get more returning visitors who can direct type our url and come to our website.

Offline Advertise Strategy & Events:

Offline advertise strategy are a great way to increase the brand reputation offline & we can get good amount of direct traffic to the website. Through event promotion, newspaper advertising, business cards, gift brochures, TV, FM & Radio advertisement.

Online Event Promotions:

Through online event promotion we can direct reach to more peoples by giving some good offers, launching new products, providing online gift coupons, etc. We have to make sure our website URL is always highlight & placed on all promotional materials to increase direct web traffic.

App Store Optimization:

Nowadays if you have a Android App in Google play store in your website name, it will promote your brand and you can get more direct traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

The traffic to our website come from the organic searches, generally the user should click and visit the webpage from search engine result pages called as Organic Traffic or Search traffic.

How to Get More Organic Traffic?

Generally we can get more organic search by optimizing our site search engine friendly and we can use our product and services related search terms in search engine power points and creating best content for user with detailed information on your services, products or what you offer. For more details you can check our Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Organic Traffic

What is Referral Traffic?

Referral traffic is nothing the traffic that came to our site from outside sources or other websites. When a user clicks on a hyperlink on a different website and it leads to our webpages, google analytics tracks the visit as a referral traffic to our site. The site which is providing hyperlinks to our webpages is called a “referral site” because it refers traffic from their sites to our site.

How to Get More Referral Traffic?

There are many different ways to get more referral traffic. Following are few normal way to get referral traffic…..

Create High Quality Shareable Content:

If we create high quality and unique valuable shareable contents, different site will referrer our links by interlink in their web pages, we should provide our feeds few other sites will take our feed link and they will show our content and links in their sites through that we can get referral traffic.

Collect Links from Different & Related Sites:

There are few different ways to collect links from other sites to your site, if some visit those sites and they click on our link and reached to our site that is referral traffic for us, through different link building strategy will help us getting good referral traffic from other site. Few of them are Bookmarking, classified, link exchange, guest blogging, blog commenting, blogging, article marketing, online announcement by press release, web 2.0 submission, etc..

By Affiliate Links:

If we are providing affiliate options to other peoples to increase our sales and services, through affiliate link the visit also count as referral visitors.

What is Social Traffic?

The traffic which come from social sources likes facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedIn, pinterest, instagram, reddit, vine, vk, bitly, stumbleupon, youtube, whatsapp, etc..

Social Traffic

How to Get More Social Traffic?

  • More engage with social sites will provide you more social traffics.
  • Create brand pages and share your content with web link.
  • Engage with different related groups.
  • Plan online events on social sites.
  • Share more valuable & shareable posts with your web page link in your social sites which will create more engagement and traffic to your site.
  • Create polls in social sites.
  • Create good story telling images & Instagram and share it with social sites.
  • Choose the collective & correct size banner, images to feet your social sharing & more.
  • Post on more engaged time in different social site.
  • Create groups, boards, pins, communities, collections, networks & more to attack more users.

What is Paid Traffic?

Paid search traffic that comes from advertisements placed on different sources mainly from paid campaigns, such as different search engines advertising [i.e] PPC  (pay per clicks), other advertising platforms like google’s adsense, display ads, paid text links, banner Ads on other sites, paid ads on social networks like twitter, facebook, linkedIn, etc.

Paid Traffic

How to Earn more Paid Traffic?

Sometime paid traffic is magically bring a good return on investment, of the service, product, or what we offer or sell in online. Nowaday there is many competition in paid campaigns. We have go with all the latest tool & technologies to achieve our goals. Following are few important point we have to look on it….

  • Creating a good optimized page for paid campaign.
  • Set the paid campaign with proper and relevant ad groups.
  • Target your Audience category wise.
  • Choose your target location to best on you offer your service or product.
  • Show your ads related sites.
  • Use Remarketing Strategy to reach specific target customer.
  • Use good platform for more conversions.
  • Use minimal form filling and ease user options.
  • Use attractive and good images in display ads with will convert more leads.

You can follow few good paid marketing guide blogs & tools for better knowledge in paid marketing strategy as follow…

http://www.wordstream.com/ , http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ , https://www.semrush.com/sem/ , https://www.spyfu.com/ , ETC…

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  • Thanks for the detailed guide on the different type of traffic metrics present in Google Analytics. It is must to have in-depth understanding of each of these to make sure you are measuring right efforts. Keep writing more!

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